Saturday, April 5, 2014

Under Construction

I'm under construction! Both my life and my blog. I haven't updated or written anything for a very long time. So I've decided to take different approach to life and blogging. Yes, I will show off pics of my family. Yes, I will have light and sometimes deep thoughts to share and I'm going to throw in quotes I love and live by, things that bring me joy and those that irritate the crap out of me. Read or don't read but I will continue to post because I need an outlet and a place to vent the good, bad and the ugly....and the oh, so beautiful things in my life. I hope someone is helped or touched by my life trials and wisdom and it hasn't all been for naught. If you are reading this, chances are good you've touched my life in some way. I don't think too many strangers find their way here.

So be patient...I'm working on a new look and format and I'll give you that thought to live by!