Friday, April 1, 2011

Seeking Perfection...?

Well you haven't heard from me in a while but the process continues....what are we really looking for? I have friends who haven't married and friends who have...both are seeking perfection. Exactly what is that? I've been thinking lately how much we pressure ourselves and others in our life to be perfect. We CAN'T BE PERFECT!!!! It just isn't possible. We're going to have trials, we're going to screw up and then we're going to have growing pains and then we're going to make it right. How long you want to wallow in that is totally up to you. Because of a great gift called "Agency" you get to choose and then be responsible for the choice.

I completely admit to wanting my own way and throwing adult tantrums, however I get over it and move on. I'm committed to my marriage whether my spouse or myself is the wallower. I married a wonderful man who doesn't believe he is wonderful. He comes home and plays with his kids....something my dad never did. He makes Lisha laugh so hard she can't breath...something neither her biological father did nor mine did for me. He is a worthy partriach of the home and a loving husband...something I haven't experienced long-term in the past. The question becomes: Is he perfect?

No, he is trying the best he can with what he has. He's been given a hand that a poker player would fold on, but Gary is still in the game.

This post is not intended as a "My spouse is better than your spouse and by the way so are my kids." It is just a thought process I've recently been thru as part of a wake-up call for me. Heavenly Father sent him at the right time and he is perfect for me! I'm quite sure we've all met people and said to ourselves, "Thank goodness I'm not married to her/him," And ex's are ex's for a reason! I do not regret my past (soon I will be brave enough to share that part of my suitcase) because now I know how good I have it!